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Danylo Pavlenko

When I moved to United States back in 2005 I had no idea what is ahead of me. All I had is $100 in my pocket and very limited English language knowledge. I have always known that the US is the place with endless opportunities.


Over the past 15 years I have built and sold 3 different business and now I feel like it is the perfect time to do what I always was extremely passionate about, which is the entertainment industry. What I envision is not just another play ground, but something that will change the industry for ever. It will change the way we look at playgrounds and the way we approach education. Kids are our everything and our future, and as a father of 3 I want to make a difference in the lives of all children. We only given one childhood, let's make it beautiful for them.

With your help we can make this dream of the most fun indoor amusement park happen. Our kids define our future, we define their present. 

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